Parking Policies

Parking Policy and Regulations for Greer Middle College

All vehicles brought to the Greer Middle College (GMC) campus must be registered. This includes staff and students.

Parking permits and decals must be updated each school year. CLICK HERE to download the Parking Registration sheet.


Parking decals must be placed on the outside lower left (drivers side) corner of the back window. 

Students wishing to register a second car on campus must see Mr. Dillard.

Temporary parking permits may be issued to students driving a different car in emergency situations.

Students taking college classes on GTC campuses other than the Greer campus will need to obtain a GTC parking sticker from the campus police department or the security desk.  College students in need of a sticker must show a valid driver’s license and a college class schedule with student ID number.  GTC parking stickers cannot be issued from the high school.


  • The on-campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour.
  • Students must park between the white lines only.  Green spaces are reserved for GTC faculty.
  • Vehicles may not be pulled through parking spaces.
  • Vehicles must be forward facing in the parking space so the parking decal is visible to campus patrols.
  • Parking decals must be properly placed and visible at all times.
  • All students must park in the lot adjacent to the parent loop.
  • NO student is allowed to park in any GMC Staff lot (near B22, bus lot, behind cafeteria).
  • NO ONE is allowed to park along a curbside at any time.
  • NO ONE is allowed to park in a handicapped parking space for any period of time without proper handicapped parking documentation.
  • The person who is registered with the vehicle will be the one responsible for any parking violations.

If you receive a ticket for violating the GMC parking regulations listed above, you must pay it unless there is evidence the ticket was written in error.  In such cases, you may appeal to the GMC administration (Dr. Ballard) within 5 school days of receiving the ticket.  Appeal forms are available on the GMC website.  After 5 school days, the right to appeal is forfeited.

Violations involving any of the following circumstances will not be heard on appeal:

  • Parking improperly “for a few minutes” will be treated the same as parking improperly for an extended period of time.  The amount of time does not matter in determining whether or not the ticket is valid.
  • Using your hazard lights will not keep you from receiving a ticket.
  • The lack of “available” or “close” parking is not a reason to park improperly.  If the “area you usually park in” is full, you must find legal parking elsewhere.
  • Scheduled class, athletic events/practices, academic or non-academic meetings/gatherings and any other academic or social appointments are not reasons to park improperly at any time, nor is being late for these functions.
  • The amount of distance you had to walk, and the time of day it occurred, are not reasons to park improperly at any time.
  • Only a member of the GMC administration or a member of the GTC Police Department can give you permission to violate a parking regulation.  This includes all areas used for loading and unloading during the academic year.
  • The fact that you “have seen others park there and never get ticketed” is not a valid reason for appeal.
  • The person who is registered with the vehicle will be the one responsible for any parking violations.
  • The outcome of all appeals is final.