Community Service

Greer Middle College (GMC) believes strongly in serving the community in which we live. We have seen the positive effects of this effort in our students, our school environment, and the community in general. We at GMC look forward to continued opportunities to serve.

Click here to view a  live list of community service opportunities.

The student volunteer form can be found below.  Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will turn in this completed form to their Blazer Block teacher in May. Seniors will turn in their completed forms (all 200 hours) by the spring student-led conference, and any remaining hours must be done at GMC for the rest of the senior’s school year.  Students may not participate in graduation without completing this requirement.


    • Keeping track of your hours is your responsibility-
    • Service-Hour-Sheet.
    • Service-Hour-Sheet-Example
    • Students are required to complete 50 hours of service to the school and community each year, accumulating 200 hours before graduation.
    • Hours for events should be rounded to the nearest .25 hour (15 minutes).
    • No more than 20 hours can be done at or for Greer Middle College.
    • Students may use NO MORE than 1/2 of total hours from any one single event.  For example, a week-long mission trip to Peru counts for no more than 25 hours.
    • Community service must be done in the community. Babysitting does not count, unless student is helping a community family (not their own family) in need and they are not getting paid.
      • No service hours may be counted if the service was done for one’s immediate family.
      • No service hours may be counted if student is paid for the service.
    • All service hours must be signed by the non-parental adult supervisor in charge and the student’s Blazer Block teacher.  Forms must include supervisor contact information, and they will not be accepted if they do not contain both a signature and contact information.
    • Students cannot purchase any books or supplies in exchange for service hours.
    • Students may not count carpooling as service hours unless approved by the administration at the beginning of the year or before any carpooling has begun.
    • Students may help a student with their Senior Project and accumulate GMC hours only (no more than 20). This is limited to events only. A student should not receive hours for contributing to a Senior’s physical product. The event should be for the community and/or a charity. These hours must be signed by the senior project teacher or the senior project committee chairperson.
    • Seniors may not count any service hours related to his/her Senior Project.

2018-2019 Deadlines

  • Senior Service Hours: Spring SLC, March 28-29
  • Underclassman Service Hours: May 3rd.
  • Senior Parent Service Hours: May 10th
  • Underclassman Parent Hours: May 17th

Parent Service Hours

Each family at GMC is required to volunteer 36 hours per school year at GMC. Parents may also donate items the school request through our Charter Barter Program and count them towards service hours. $10=1 service hour.

Click here to see the list of Charter Barter Needs. $10=1 service hour.

Click here to see a demo for logging parent hours using myfooddays.

Click here to see our lunch ordering program demo.

Charter Barter         $10= 1 hour

Please contact Mrs. Bailey, Service Hours Coordinator, with any questions regarding service hours at

  • Parents are required 36 hours per year, per family. Students may not participate in extra-curricular activities or participate in graduation if parent service hours are not completed.
  • Parent service hours must be done at or for the school. However, there are occasions that we need help in the Greer community and those hours count for service. These opportunities will be clearly defined in the request sent from the school.
  • Parents will receive service hours for attending school meetings (one hour for each meeting).
  • New Student Orientation, Open House, Parent Meetings, College Informational Meetings, Meet and Greet Board Candidates, Voting in Board Election, etc.
  • Parents do receive hours for carpooling.