Spring Sports Parent Meeting (Feb. 19th)

There will be a spring sports parent meeting on Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria on GMC’s Campus.
Having a spring sports meeting is extremely beneficial to gain support as an athletic program.  We all work together, and I would love to create an atmosphere in which every coach, player, and parent is on the same page.  We will be going over administrative paperwork, sports fees, and player/parent/coach expectation.  It will be a great time for you to meet the parents of your players if you have not done so already.  I have found that this is also a great time to recruit “team moms/dads” to help with concessions, emailing, ticket taking, etc.
The basic agenda will be:
1. GMC Athletic Program Intro
2. Intro of Coaches, quick word from each of you
3. Admin/paperwork
4. Sports fees
5. Player/Parent/Coach Expectations
6. Team Expectations
7. Break out groups – parents and players will meet with their respective coaches for any other info
I would love to be able to go ahead and collect any and all paperwork at the meeting, as well as accept sports fees ($125).  All forms can be found on the GMC website under the athletics tab:

~Coach Crenshaw