P.I.P. (Parents in Partnership)

The Parents in Partnership (PIP) Association was set up by the GMC Board of Directors as the organizational arm of parent volunteers overseeing the lunch program and various student and teacher events throughout the school year.  We encourage you and invite you to get involved with us!

2017-2018 PIP Steering Committee

PIP Chair:                                   Julie Brigman

Lunch Chair:                              Evie Buisch & Kim Hall

Hospitality Chair:                      Beth McMeekin

Teacher Appreciation Chair:    Laura Salem

Member at Large:                      Kristen Short

Treasurer:                                   Jim Vogel

Staff Member:                           Heather Timanus, Development Director

Ex Officio Members:               Jimmy Armstrong, Principal


 Did you know…
  • The lunch program including online ordering and many other events are run completely by parent volunteers
  • PIP funds all free and reduced lunches
  • PIP awards grants to teachers and students throughout the year