Crystal Earle

Teacher Bio

I am so excited to continue my career teaching as a Blazer!

My educational background includes a BS in Therapeutic Recreation from Clemson University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of South Carolina. Having attended both schools, I can honestly say that Clemson is by far the best choice! Before deciding to teach, I worked with an awesome group of individuals through Special Olympics and Camp Spearhead. Both are wonderful opportunities for students with special needs, and excellent learning experiences for peer buddies or partners. I am still involved with Special Olympics and I’m positive that I always gain more from the events than the athletes and campers.

Currently at GMC, I am teaching Senior Project. This is a capstone project for the senior year, is required by our Charter, and is mandatory for graduation. Throughout this class, students have a year to complete a personalized learning experience of their choice.

For the 2018-2019 school year, I will also be teaching two additional classes: Nutrition & Human Growth & Development.

Outside of school I enjoy sports, concerts (or music in general), cycling, reading, lake activities, snow skiing, and visiting family. My favorite time of year is college football season! GO TIGERS!

I am also the co-sponsor of Beta Club.

Please feel free to contact me:


Assignments/Due Dates

For Senior Project, refer to monthly class calendars and page 5 of SP handbook.


1st period A:                                1st period B:

2nd period A:                           2nd period B:

3rd period A:                                  3rd period B:

4th period A:                                           4th period B:

OFFICE HOURS/ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Tuesday and Wednesday 3:05-3:45 OR Schedule Appointments


Nutrition & Human Growth & Development:

Refer to weekly Remind messages.

Downloads for Senior Project:

GMC Senior Project Handbook 2018-2019

Syllabus 2018-2019

Brainstorming Guide

Exploration Worksheet

Project Proposal

Long Range Project Plan Template

Table of Contents Template

Table of Contents Student Sample


Maintaining a Journal for Senior Project

Journal Rubric

Journal Template


Determining if a Source is Scholarly

Research Log

Research Log Example

Research Source Help Sheet

Note Taking Guide

Note Taking Guide Rubric


Timeline Template


Mentor Contract, Contacts, and Evaluation Form


Product Rubric 2018-2019

Portfolio Rubric 2018-2019

Presentation Rubric 2018-2019



Check out Senior Projects on Insta: @gmc_seniorproject