Laura Sawicki

Teacher Bio

I graduated from Clemson University with my B.S. in Science Teaching with an emphasis in Life Sciences and a M.Ed in Secondary Education for Biological Sciences.  This is my ninth year teaching science.  I taught at Berea High School for 4 years upon graduating Clemson with my B.S.   Then I moved to Washington state and taught at Solomon Christian School for 2 years.  When I moved back to South Carolina in summer of 2010 I contacted Mr. Roach and he told me all about this exciting school he was working at.  So I decided to join the Greer Middle College family to teach science.  This is my third year at GMC and I currently teach Biology, Honors Biology, and Marine Biology



Lab Fees and Additional Donations are GREATLY needed and appreciated.  This year in order to do more hands-on activities and laboratory experiments I implemented a lab fee.  Science supplies and equipment are very expensive so whatever you can give or donate would be greatly appreciated by me and especially the students.

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