Ella Kate Meyers


Teacher Bio

Hello! Welcome to Geometry! Please stop by my page frequently to get assignments and announcements for your class. If you ever have a question please do not hesitate to email me. (My email is ekmeyers@greermiddlecollege.org)

This is my fifth year at GMC and am thrilled to see what this year has in store for all of us!  I graduated from Clemson University (GO TIGERS!) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics Teaching.  Some interesting things about me: I love being on the lake, I have the most random selection of music on my iPhone (my taste in music changes daily), I love being outside, I love animals, and I LOVE MATH!  My entire life I have been passionate about math and am excited to share that passion with my students.  My goals for this year are that we all learn something new each day and that some of my mathematical enthusiasm rubs off on my students.  I am very excited about this year and the years to come as a part of the GMC family!


Daily Schedule

                                         1A- Planning                                                         1B- Algebra 2

                                         2A-Algebra 2                                                         2B-Honors Geometry

                                         3A-Pre-Calculus                                                   3B-Planning

                                         4A-Honors Geometry                                          4B-Math Strategies

Office Hours: Monday 3:05-3:45 (Thursdays by appointment)

Google Calendars:

To add your class calendar, please copy and paste the link below into “Other Calendars” in your Google Calendar.  Please only add the class calendars that apply to you.

Honors Geometry Google Calendar: greermiddlecollege.org_36pasm4l15sl4e3om44ujo3ms0@group.calendar.google.com

Algebra 2 Google Calendar: greermiddlecollege.org_d2ld050dj9fl3iog6huc4r7vo4@group.calendar.google.com

Pre-Calculus Google Calendar: greermiddlecollege.org_2t4l231vneaeva2j3985oime88@group.calendar.google.com




Guidelines and Rubric (click here)     Activity and Project Reflection Sheets       Example Activity Reflection Sheet


Links Here is a link to an online graphing calculator you may choose to use if need be, but remember you will not get credit for answers only…YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK!! Geogebra (click here) Website