*Medieval Clerihews

A Clerihew is a 4-line poem.  Its rhyme scheme is AABB.  The last word of the first line is a person, and the succeeding lines develop out of that person’s history.  Below are some Medieval Clerihews written for Global Studies I by Mr. Stone.

Moses (in honor of a Global I student from 2011-2012)
Pentateuch, Sinai, wilderness? Moses,
Revered as a man, to God he was closest.
“The British are coming!” he warned Egypt’s king.
“One if by land, and two if by sea.”

Charles VI of France
Henry sought the crown of Charles
(made of glass!) who walked his halls
pondering the knight and archer
hoping for England’s departure.

Cnut the Great
The greatest king?  Was it Cnut?
Or was he just some Danish brute?
At Assandun he tried
(and failed) to kill the Ironside.

Joan of Arc
Heresy? when Joan of Arc
to Dauphin Charles chanced this remark,
“Fight the English, seize the throne!
I will give you Orléans!”

Pope Clement VI
The Black Death plagued poor Clement (Six).
To astronomers he said, “Give me a fix!
Don’t hate the Jews! They aren’t to blame!
But meanwhile let’s live with no shame.”

Henry VIII
A murderous royal was Henry VIII.
He defended the Church ’til it threatened his state.
A wife! Maybe two? Why not three? How ’bout four?
Until six was the count for this great English boor.