English II


Hello!  I am so excited to work with my students and their parents in English II this year.  Each day, I will post homework on my Google calendar (there is a link below), as well as any documents that will be helpful to my students and parents.


I teach English II, English II Honors, and Teacher Cadet.  I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in English from Clemson University and a Masters in Education from Converse College, and I am also a National Board Certified teacher, as well as Gifted and Talented certified.  This is my 17th year in education, and I am passionate about teaching and working with young people.  Prior to GMC, I taught at my Alma Mater, Blue Ridge High.

Contact Info

Email:  prouse@greermiddlecollege.org

Phone:  864.469.7571 ext.1029

Office Hours

I offer Office Hours on Wednesdays from 3:05 – 3:45 p.m.  Please let me know  in advance if you will be attending, so that I can plan accordingly.


“A” Day
1A – Teacher Cadet
2A – English II
3A – English II Honors
4A – Planning

“B” Day
1B – English II
2B – Planning
3B – English II
4B – English II Honors                     

English II Calendar

  • Students can also copy and paste the English 2 Google Calendar ID: greermiddlecollege.org_classroom7dd3ebe1@group.calendar.google.com


Retake Opportunities

I offer retake opportunities for students scoring a 79 or below on major assessments.  Students must attend Office Hours to participate in a retake.  Office Hours are on Wednesdays from 3:05 until 3:45, and to better serve my students, I do ask that students let me know in advance if they will be attending Office Hours.  GMC retakes are offered on Fridays.

  • Expired – Comma Splice and Run-On Quiz
  • Run-On Grammar Test
  • Vocab 9-10 test
  • A Long Way Gone Test

Extra Credit Opportunities

  • Expired – Due Friday, May 4th, by midnight.  Create a PowerPoint or Google slideshow for up to 10 points extra credit on a major grade.
  • 5 points – attend GMC Writing Center for help with research paper
  • 5 points – early submission of research paper