Yearbook 2015-2016

Senior Ad Brochure: 2017-ad-brochure-gmcc

Senior Ad Payment Information: hs-gmcc-1

Deadline for Senior Ads: 1/10/16

Yearbook Applicant: The Yearbook class is looking for motivated, independent photographers, graphic designers, writers, and journalists to produce GMC’s yearbook in the next school year. Yearbook is a class where you are given amazing freedom to produce a book that you and your peers will keep for decades. It is up to you to encapsulate the memories of the school year, from sports and clubs to events and academics. It’s up to you to choose the right photos, write the best captions, create the theme, and design the best book. Does that sound like you? Apply today!

Teacher Recommendation Forms

Student Application for Yearbook

Due February 16th