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2018-2019 Agendas:

September Meeting Notes

October Meeting Notes

November Meeting Notes

January Meeting Notes

February Meeting Notes

March Meeting Notes

2019 Convention:

Check the Convention Handbook to see full listing of competitions:

Convention Handbook


Below is a list of what competitions GMC is offering with the number allotted. The SignUpGenius will be posted on 10/08 for Seniors to begin signing up. Please see a sponsor with any questions.


Sign Ups- All sign-ups END on 10/16.

Seniors- 10/9-10/11

Juniors- 10/12-10/15

Sophomores- 10/16-10/17


Candidate (1)– Junior student must talk to Taylor Belue, present to sponsors, and then present to club at convention meeting on 10/17.

Campaign Committee (3) – Should we have a candidate the Campaign Committee will comprise of 3 individuals to assist with the campaign.

Academics (10)- All competitions available, Division 1 (10th grader), Division 2 (11th-12th grader). Note- To compete in Spanish you must have completed Spanish 3 or SPA 101-102.

Creative Writing (2)- Division 1 (10th grader), Division 2 (11th-12th grader)

Engineering (3-5)

Living Literature (10)

Marketing and Communication (3-5)- formerly Advertising

Onsite Art (4)- Painting and Drawing- Division 1 (10th grader), Division 2 (11th-12th grader)

Performing Arts- Group Talent (4 or more)

Performing Arts- Individual Talent (3 or less)

Poetry (2)- Division 1 (10th grader), Division 2 (11th-12th grader)

Problem Solving Scenario (5)- Formerly Character Skit

Robotics (6)- Must be on GMC Robotics Team or approved by Team to compete.

Service Learning Showcase (3)- Formerly Spotlight on Service

Speech (2)- Division 1 (10th grader), Division 2 (11th-12th grader)

Technology (3)

Two Dimensional Design (4)- Formerly Banner

Visual Arts (20)- MUST sign up for another event as well. Visual Arts is a competition where students bring in their art work. Please sign up for another competition as well. 10 opportunities for 10th graders, 10 for 11-12th graders.

Engineering (3-5)

Portfolio (6)- Formerly Scrapbook



Permission Form

Convention Info Sheet

Convention Contract


2018 Beta Club Convention


Spotlight On Service-3rd place

Matthew Langley, Aveya Kneese, Dakota Jones, Brooke Skinner, Leah Trusty, and Seth Corey

Scrapbook-1st place

Maddie Buisch, Sydney Spellman, Zach Jones, Olivia Rendo, Grace C Smith, Zoe Feser, Julian Jones, and Becca Williams

Living Literature- 1st place

Rachel Hunt, Abigail Smith, Joe VanSlyke, Emily Jennings, Olivia Kissinger, Sheila Moore, Annica Aho, Riley Sargent, Eliana Boone, Kayla Gilbert, Maddie Pott, Allison Lewis, Matt Garret, and Mrs. Moore


Abbey Runion, Pottery- 2nd place



Advertising- 3rd place

Steitler Buisch, Brian Weaver, Sydney Spellman, Jessi Rivera, Anna Oswald

Character Skit- 2nd place

Adeline Maycan, Roman Meilinger, Fatou Diedhiou, Alyssa Lynch, Lail Williams, Luke Hall, Daniel Orr, Ryan Bokowy, Bryson Bargar, Christian Short, Riley Bullock, Jennings Harley, Ms. Earle

Ariel Weaver, Acrylic Painting- 3rd place



Abigail Smith, Language Arts- 2nd place



Jessica Candid, Special Talent- 2nd place



Emma Harvey, Watercolor- 1st place



Kaley Hammond, Mixed Media- 3rd place




Katelyn Watson, Photography- 3rd place



2017-2018 Agendas:

September Meeting Notes


October Meeting Notes


November Meeting Notes


January Meeting Notes

 January meeting notes update:

Souper Bowl can food drive deadline: February 2nd

Moe’s Fundraiser: February 28th.



February Meeting Notes

Volleyball Fundraiser sign up below. (Beta Sponsored Event) 


March Meeting Notes


Senior Action Event on March 31st – click link to sign up for Senior Action event on March 31st 9am-12pm.


Harvest Hope Event on April 14th – click link to sign up for Harvest Hope event on April 14th, 7:30-9:30am OR 8:30-10:30am.


April Meeting Notes


May Meeting Notes




Beta Club Nationals

Orlando, FL


GMC Betas at SC Convention 2017


Carolina Lara

SC Vice President 2017






GMC Betas at SC Convention 2016





GMC Betas at SC State

Convention 2015- Myrtle Beach, SC


Justin Matthews

2015 SC State Beta Club President


GMC Betas at SC State

Convention 2014- Myrtle Beach, SC


Micah Williams

2014 SC State Beta Club President




“Let us lead by serving others”


Remember the Beta Pledge:
“I do solemnly declare that I shall always strive
to hold fast to the principles of honesty,
to endeavor constantly to maintain a creditable record;
to cultivate in my life and conduct the principles
of morality, service, and leadership.
I further pledge myself
to cooperate with the members of The National Beta Club
in the promotion of a sense of individual responsibility
to our school, community, state and nation
to make right the master of might;
and to consecrate our comradeship to mutual helpfulness
and to the betterment of our fellow students.”

Scholarship Information:

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