Julie Moore


Teacher Bio-  Mrs. Moore is one of our mentor teachers. She is also our technology teacher and is an assistant BETA Club Sponsor.  She holds an AOS in Accounting from Utica School of Commerce Utica/Rome, a BPS in Management/Accounting from SUNY College of Technology Utica/Rome and a Masters +30 from SUNY at Oswego College and Converse College in Business Education. She has been a teacher for 22 years–13 at Pickens Middle School and the last 7 at GMC. Mrs. Moore teaches Computer Applications and Desktop Publishing.

Announcements:Students need to bring  headphones/ear buds, pen/pencil, and paper to class EVERY DAY! Students WILL NOT need a memory stick or flash drive.



1A  Plan Period

2A Integrated Business  Applications 

3A  Integrated Business  Applications 

4A Integrated Business  Applications 


1B  Buisness and Computer Applications 1

2B Desktop Publishing

3B  Plan Period

4B Buisness and Computer Applications 2


ACADEMIC SUPPORT—  —-Tuesday 3:05-3:45

Course Syllabus:

Integrated Business Applications

INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Julie Moore, Technology Dept.

Room B5

Academic Support Hours: Tuesday, 3:05-3:45 p.m.
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Integrated Business Applications is a yearlong course outlining computer functions, hardware and software applications. This course is designed for students lean to create a variety of professional/business/personal publications such as letterheads, brochures, flyers, etc. Students will create spreadsheets, presentations and documentations using PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word, and /or Keyboarding/Desktop publishing applications.
COMPUTER USAGE POLICY: Students must restrict their usage of lab computers to course related purposes, as directed by the instructor. ALL students need a signed GMC Technology Policy on file with the school to be able to have use of a computer on campus.

Please refer to the technology policy and rules.


COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course will provide an opportunity for the student to develop the following skills—

  1. Identify emerging technologies.
  2. Identify types of communications hardware/software and explain their functions.
  3. Access, navigate, and use Internet service providers.
  4. Prepare simple spreadsheets and graphs using available software.
  5. Use PowerPoint software to design, create, import, format and produce oral presentations.
  6. Transfer data among different computer applications.
  7. Apply touch control of the keyboard using correct techniques.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to use proofreading skills in editing documents.
  9. Demonstrate speed and accuracy-building techniques.
  10. Demonstrate the ability to format basic business documents from unarranged material.
  11. Identify the purpose and goals of a Career and Technology Student Organization (C
  12. Explain the effective uses of color theory. 2. Explain the effective use of Principle of Design. 3. Explain the effective use of Elements of Design


MS Office 2010, Internet Access,

Areas of concentration include–

  • Presentations Software
  • Oral Presentations
  • Word Processing (Business Document Formatting)
  • Excel (Spreadsheets & Graphs)
  • Integration of software
  • Internet/e-mail
  • Desktop publishing (Design Principals)
  • Photoshop

Grading: I use a point system when grading students. The point system break down is below.  Note: students complete all assignments/projects in class. (This way I can give the needed assistance to the students, when working on projects/assignments.)


The following materials should be brought to class EVERYDAY— Ear buds, Pen/pencil, paper.

Additional items:

Attendance-please refer to page 13 of the student handbook regarding rules for absences/tardiest.

  • Cell phone policy: Please refer to page 13 the Student Handbook regarding the cell phone policy.
  • Note***my classroom rule on cell phones is: Students will not take out their cell phone unless instructed/allowed to do so. Once a student leaves my classroom they will follow all cell phone rules as stated in the handbook.