About Us

Greer Middle College Charter High School opened in 2008 and is a public charter high school located on the Benson Campus of Greenville Technical College. Open enrollment allows any student within South Carolina to attend with no admission tests or tuition. A lottery system determines who is admitted as applicants typically exceed space available.  We operate on a mastery learning program that requires all students to make an 80% on assessments before moving on to new material.  We follow Early College models in which students who qualify take college classes for free. Currently, almost half of our students are enrolled in college classes. Students have the opportunity to earn one or more Associate’s degrees while still in high school!

Our connection to the greater community is very important. Our students are required to perform 50 hours of community service each year, and parents must complete 36 hours per year of service to the school. All seniors must complete a Senior Project to graduate which enables them to use their knowledge and skills to complete a portfolio, project, and presentation.

As a small learning community, we have strong sense of family and pride. As part of the SC High School League, our students compete in cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, and track. Extra-curricular activities include Beta Club, National Honor Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Government, and more.


Mission Statement

The mission of Greer Middle College is to provide equitable opportunities for all students to acquire an education focused on linkages among technology, careers, and rigorous academics to produce graduates who are prepared to enter the global workforce of the 21st century. Greer Middle College aspires to create an equitable community of learners in which mutual respect, trust, integrity, and the pursuit of ideas are valued and appreciated. To this end, we commit ourselves:

  • To encourage individuals to be lifelong, passionate pursuers of knowledge;
  • To inspire responsible, self-directed learning;
  • To challenge and expand the comfortable limits of thought and tolerance;
  • To engage in complex thinking,  problem solving, and effective communications;
  • To enable individuals to be skilled processors of information and technology;
  • To prepare individuals for life and learning in a truly global environment where collaboration is essential;
  • To teach that service to the community is integral to the development of the “whole” individual.



The Greer Middle College Planning Committee received approval to locate a public charter high school on Greenville Technical College’s Greer campus. The committee has two excellent models: Greenville Tech Charter High School (located on the Barton campus) and Brashier Middle College Charter High School (located on the Brashier campus in Simpsonville).

GMC opened in the fall of 2008 with the first freshman class of 100 students. By adding a new freshmen class each year, GMC has reached about 400 students, having their first graduating class in 2012.

Our school admittance is centered on the concept of open enrollment.  Open enrollment allows any student in the school district of Greenville County to attend, with no admission tests or tuition. Open enrollment only applies if we have less than 100 applicants; if we have more than 100 applicants, by state law, students will be selected by lottery. This ensures that every child wishing to come to our school has an equal opportunity of being accepted. With a mix of challenge and support, the charter school offers students and their parents a unique choice for their high school education.


Outstanding Features and Programs

  • Our partnership with Greenville Technical College allows students to take college classes at no cost.
  • Some of our high school graduates have received Associate Degrees from Greenville Technical College
  • Project-based learning
  • All seniors must complete a Senior Project to graduate
  • Business Partnerships through community service, mentoring programs, Internships, career exploration and more
  • Cultural Immersion initiatives through Arts Intersession, international travel, cultural exchanges, Skype sessions, faculty global immersion, intentional diversity training, and international school partnerships
  • Arts Intersession: Days devoted to the enrichment of our students offering classes in Art, Music, Dance, Sports and Technology. Teachers, parents and local businesses from the community volunteer to make this educational event possible.
  • Required dress code for students
  • Community Service: Students must complete 50 hours of service per year and parents must complete 36 volunteer hours per year
  • Mastery Learning: Required grade of 80% or better to receive credit
  • Academic Intervention Plan, Academic Assistance, Freshman Success and College Seminar
  • Academic Achievement: National Honor Society, Beta Club
  • Extra-curricular activities include Student Government, FCA, various student clubs
  • Sports include Cross-country, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Baseball and Track