Senior Project

Our Charter requires all graduating seniors to complete a Senior Project, which allows the senior the opportunity to participate in a personalized learning experience. Each senior chooses a topic he/she is passionate about and conducts an independent study. Topics include careers, hobbies, social concerns, or new experiences. Each student, working with a mentor, will research an essential question, develop annotated bibliographies during their research, and will ultimately create a product with the information gathered. All documentation will be compiled into a portfolio that will be graded by a panel of teachers. Each presenter will have three judges who, using rubrics, will evaluate the student’s presentation. The evaluation, the culmination of a year’s work, will be the student’s final exam grade in all high school classes, with the exception of Teacher Cadets. Also, students will receive a unit of credit and a grade for the Senior Project class. The graduation exhibition will be evidence of the seniors’ ability to solve problems, organize time and resources, communicate effectively and reflect on themselves as learners.

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The updated 2016-17 senior project handbook can be downloaded by clicking here.

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