Compass Testing Details

Compass Testing (one of the requirements for taking GTC classes) will begin Monday, January 14th.  Students will be re-tested if they meet the following criteria:

1.  Student needs to raise their score in one or more areas (reading, writing, math).
2.  Student meets the required GPA (3.5 for Juniors and Seniors, 3.0 for Sophomores and Freshmen).
3.  Students is proficient (80 or above) in all high school classes.
Students who need to re-test in one or more areas will be notified by the Guidance Office to sign up to test.

*****It is very important that students review the practice tests before re-testing.  View COMPASS sample (practice) questions at  Look under More Sample Questions to link to test booklets of sample questions that are valuable to the preparation process.  Students will be asked about their preparation before re-testing.  🙂
Need Math Help? Ms. Lewis will hold Math Practice Sessions in her classroom on Monday, January 14 and Tuesday, January 15 from 3:00-3:45.  Student should do the above math practice before the session so their questions will be ready!