Shelly Bishop


Senior Project – Internship

Internship Application 2017-2018

Portfolio Table of Contents

Mini Project

Final Reflection Guidelines 2017

Business Partners 2016-2017

Senior Project Internship PowerPoint

Reflection on 2015-2016

Journals 2016-2017

Maintaining a Journal for Senior Project rev

SP Journal Rubric rev

SPI Journal Template rev

Research 2016-2017

Resume rough draft rubric rev

Note Taking Guide Template

Revised Feb 17 NTG

Note Taking Guide Rubric rev

Business Partner Meetings 2016-2017

Business Partner Meeting Template

Business Partner Meeting Rubric


Please include the following tabs in your portfolio:

  • Essential Papers
  • Journals
  • Research
  • Calendars
  • Business Partners
  • Evidence
  • Additional Items (if needed)

Portfolio Requirements

First Portfolio Check Nov 18, 2016

Important Documents

2016 Midterm Exam

Calendars.  Each month your calendar is late is an ADDITIONAL 10 points off.  For example: September calendar late = 10 points.  September and October calendar late = 20 points.

Why Should We Hire You Quiz

2016-2017 Senior Project Internship Application

GMC Senior Project Handbook 2017-2018





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